Eric & I met at BYU, in Provo, Ut. Shortly after we were married, we moved to Oregon so that he could continue his education. We spent 4 years in Oregon and loved it so much we wanted to stay. When he graduated we moved around to Idaho, Illinois and then finally back to Oregon. We have been in Oregon ever since and love it!! Since moving to Oregon the second time, I have wanted to get outside more. Hiking seemed like the best way to do this with three young kids. Because my husband works a lot I end up taking the kids hiking with just me and it’s always a treat when daddy comes a long!! I love having friends and their kids come hiking with us!


Alyssa is our first born and our only girl. She is very athletic, loves being outside with Mom but would rather be playing volleyball than hiking. She humors me though and helps her brothers a lot! She works hard and plays hard. Her favorite thing about hiking is when daddy comes along and they run off ahead and hide, so they can scare Mom and the others coming up the trail!!


Mason is my first boy and second baby!! He is a sensitive and sweet little boy. He has sensory issues so hiking with him can sometimes be a challenge. He loves to walk with me and hold my hand. My favorite thing about Mason is that whenever he sees a flower, he loves to pick it up and give it to me. He has taught his younger brother to do the same and in return, they both get big hugs and kisses from their mama!


Tyler is my baby and is so cheeky, mischievous and super happy!! He loves to run off ahead of us with his big sister. Many hikes he will spend in the backpack but as he gets older and bigger, he’ll be walking more. Whenever there is a large amount of water, whether it’s a pond, lake, river or puddle, we have to stop so he can throw a few rocks in there.

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