Cecret Lake Trail, Utah

One of the most scenic hikes I have been on, Cecret Lake took my breath away with its flowers. The mix of purple, red, blue, and yellow flowers up against the dark green trees surrounded by the white mountains, it does not get much better than that.

Location: From I-15, head east onto I-215. Take exit 6 and follow the signs for Little Cottonwood Canyon (You can google Cecret Lake and they give you really good directions). Once you reach the Albion Basion, you will check in at the booth. It is free to go in but they do accept donations. The parking lot for Cecret Lake is at the every end of the road. The parking lot fills up pretty fast, so there is an overflow parking right before it. We went on a week day (highly recommend) but I believe there is a shutter on the weekends.
Difficulty: 2.5/5 This is an out and back, totally 1.7 miles. The majority of the trail is flat and wide enough to walk side by side with your kids. The last little bit is switch backs to get up onto of the hill where the lake is. My 5 year old did fine, but my 3 year old needed help and encouragement to finish (no fits were thrown!)
Kid Friendly: We met up with our cousins so there were 8 kids ages 14 years old to 5 months. Everyone enjoyed themselves. There was a sign at the beginning of the trail describing all the blooming flowers, so it became a scavenger hunt to find all of them. Part way through the hike, there is a large rock structure that all the kids were climbing on. A few times we had to cross over the stream by stepping on rocks.
Stroller/ADA Accessible: No
Description: This has been one of my favorite hikes in Utah by far. I came home and talked about it to my husband for at least three days. This beautiful mountain cove was full of wildflowers among the dark evergreen trees with giant white rock mountain cliffs. The flowers were everywhere, and we were not even there during its peak. From reading the signs, the flowers bloom from late June-end of August. Cecret Lake was a nice place to sit down and eat lunch, but the journey getting there was the best. Just a heads up, they do not allow dogs at all up there and are pretty strict about it.


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