Birdsong Trail, Ogden, UT

This small hike gives a bit of everything: the coolness of a forest shade, colorful wildflowers and bird, overview look of the Ogden area, and the songs of a babbling stream. If hiking is something that your family is just getting into or you only have a morning to go out, then I would choose this hike.
Location: This hike is located at the entrance to Ogden Canyon. From I-15, take the exit for 12th Street and head east all the way to the canyon. Right before you actually enter the canyon, turn right on Valley Drive. On your left with be Rainbow Gardens, a cute little café that serves amazing muffins (treat for afterwards?!?!). The trailhead is located in the southwest corner of the parking lot. The trail will come to a T intersection after a few yards. Stay left and follow the signs for Bird Song Trail.

Difficulty: 2/5 This is an out and back trail, one mile each way. The trail is divided into three parts: the beginning forest, the uphill open ridge, and the forest on the mountain. Both forest parts are overall flat with a wide enough path that I could hold my son’s hand while we hike. The uphill open ridge is a bit of a climb for little feet, especially since it can get hot with no shade. However, my three year old did just fine on that part.

Kid Friendly: Absolutely. This was one of the first hikes that I have done with my kids without my husband to help carry one of them. There were big sticks along the way (everyone could have their own hiking stick), colorful flowers to smell, a whole field of butterflies, lizards running across the path, and a stream to throw rocks in (a must for my boy). The path was wide and smooth. Occasionally, you will come across a mountain biker, but there is plenty of room to stand to the side.

Stroller/ADA Accessible: No, I would not take a stroller or wheelchair.

Description: This was the third time my kids have done this hike and it still was fun for them. My mom came with us, which made the hike more meaningful as she pointed out the clearings made by deer, telling all the names of the flowers, and introducing my kids to “Indian toilet paper” (sorry for not being political correct, but my kids thought that was the funniest thing). The highlight of the hike was coming up to the open ridge and seeing the downhill field filled with hundreds of little white butterflies. With the sun coming up over the mountains, blooming purple flowers, and a sea of butterflies, it truly made me believe in fairies and magic again. About halfway through the hike (1/2 mile in) you will come to a little stream and bench. It is a perfect stop for a snack of lunch. I usually call that the end with my kids because it is a nice destination to end with. The remaining of the trail is nice, however it ends at a gate leading to a neighborhood, which you then just turn around. Overall, my kids really enjoy this hike, it was easy to bring our dog on, and it is right in a fun area of Ogden if you want to make a big family day out of it (Weber River Trail, Dinosaur Park, Dee Sports Park).



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