Sassafras Gully, Springwood, NSW, Australia

Location: The walk starts at the end of Sassafras Gully Road, Springwood in the beautiful Blue Mountains.  There’s a place to park the car otherwise it’s a 30 min walk from Springwood station  
Difficulty: 3/5 This walk is 4.8kms and it took us 2 hours to complete going at a reasonable pace carrying an 8 month old.  There is a descent and ascent of 170 metres.
Kid-Friendly: Only suitable for baby wearing.  Older kids might be able to but it would depend on their fitness.  
Stroller/ADA Accessible: No.
Description: This is quite a pleasant mid-mountains walk which doesn’t have the visual impact that some of the other walks in the Blue Mountains but it drops down into a pretty gully, under overhanging sandstone and along Sassafras Creek. A good walk for warmer weather.  This is part of a longer walk which finishes in Faulconbridge but we were able to cut it short to create a nice circuit via Wiggins Track.  Once you start to ascend, watch out for the track as it can easily mislead you.  There is an impressive sandstone wall which we assumed the walk went in front of.  Please keep this on your left and find the track which heads around and up to the right.  You will come across some sandstone steps and the track gets easier to navigate from then.  At the top of Wiggins Track there is a timber bridge and then the track finishes shortly after at Yondell Avenue.  You can make your way back to the car along the road which takes approximately 10 minutes.


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