Trail of 10 Falls, Silver Falls, Silverton, OR

I’m going to do this post a little differently than my regular posts, however, this is the best place to go for a half or full day hike, without your sweet kiddies!! Such a beautiful place to go and a great work-out if you power walk through it.

A friend and I did this 11 mile hike in 3.5 hours as she had a wedding to get home and ready for, however, if you plan to go slower, set aside at least 5 hours for it. My legs, hips and butt were hurting so badly the next day I could hardly walk, but it was SO worth it!!

For the location of Silver Falls, and the beginning of this hike, check out this blog post. It will also show you a smaller hike that you can take your sweet babies on.

I am going to take you through this hike, pictures and descriptions, in order of the hike that we did. You can start this hike at either the South Falls, North Falls Group Camp, North Falls Trailhead, or Winter Falls Trailhead. Here is a link to the map of Silver Falls.

We started our hike at South Falls. We walked under the waterfall, and then down the hill towards the next waterfall. Here are a couple pictures of the South Falls.


We headed on down to the Lower South Falls, going down a lot of stairs and some narrow trails. It was another beautiful waterfall to walk underneath.


When I take my kids, I don’t normally go further than the Lower South Falls. We just turn around and go back. So, I was excited to continue on and I am so glad we did this because the next falls, The Lower North Falls, were my absolute favorite of all. Between the Lower South Falls and the Lower North Falls, the trail was approximately a little over a mile long. As you get closer and closer to the LNF, you start to get peeks of the falls and they are so beautiful.


Shortly after the Lower North Falls, you take a little turn to the left and go up a short trail to the Double Falls. I’m sure that earlier in the season, you’d get a heavier falls, but as we went towards the end of July, the falls were thin, but very, very tall!!! You can walk right up to the base of the falls and touch the water. Looking up at the fall, it was just awesome!!

The trail ends at these falls, and so turn around and turn left to get back on the path and head north towards the Drake Falls. These falls are hidden a bit behind the trees and is quite small but we still loved it!

Drake Falls, Silverton, Oregon, Silver Falls, State Park, Salem

AS we continued up the trail, we found the Middle North Falls. This is another large waterfall that you veer off the main trail for, go down to the falls, and turn around.

After you visit the Middle falls, head North again on the trail. You’ll see a cute bridge. This is a great spot for pictures, gorgeous views!! On the other side of the bridge and up the trail a little bit is the Winter Falls, but we didn’t do that. We viewed the Winter Falls on the way back. Continue up the trail towards Twin Falls. The Twin Falls are also accessed, via a steep hill, from the North Falls Group Camp. At this point, there is blocked area that limits the view to the Twin Falls, for safety reasons.

Twin Falls, Silverton, Salem, Oregon, Silver Falls, State Park

Keep on heading north on the trail and after some gorgeous views and about 1.1 miles, you’ll reach the North Falls. The North Falls are also accessible from the North Falls Trailhead if you’d rather just do the small trek to this waterfall. You can walk underneath this waterfall and it’s amazing to sit and enjoy the views of the stream running down.


As you continue on your journey, follow the path and you’ll walk up some steep stairs. You’ll come to a cross section that you’ll pass again on the way back from visiting the Upper North Falls. The trail from the North Falls to the Upper North Falls is a little under half a mile. The Upper North Falls is the perfect spot to go swimming or take family photos as told to me by my amazing friend Annie Smith, who is an amazing photographer.

After spending some time enjoying these falls, you’ll turn around and head back down the trail towards the North Falls. As you get close you’ll cross the path that you took to go towards the falls, but take the trail to the left to go towards the Winter Falls. The trail will continue along for about a mile, and you’ll find the Winter falls Trail head parking lot. You can go right, which we did, and follow the path down to the Winter Falls. It is a teeny Tiny falls but still pretty.

Winter Falls, Salem, Silverton, Silver Falls, State Park, Oregon, Hike, Mom, Kids

At this point, if you’d like to complete the full 8.7 mile trek, turn around and go back up the hill. Take the trail to the right when you get to the parking lot and follow the “Rim Trail” till you get back to the South Falls Area. However, we kept going, not realizing it, and we ended up going across the bridge between the Middle North Falls and the Twin Falls. We turned left after the bridge and headed on back past the Drake Falls, Lower North Falls and then as we were almost near the Lower South Falls, there was a place to turn left and head straight up hill and meet up again with the Rim Trail.

This was an amazing hike and with the little glitch in the trail, we ended up going about 11 miles. It was one of the best things I have done and I love it!! Here are some more pictures of the trail, and other awesome things, like Chipmunks, that we saw along the way.

This Hike was absolutely one of my favorite. I loved having some mom time with some mom friends and grateful for an awesome hubby who supported me in doing it! I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! I hope you can take the time to do this!!


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