Croisan Scenic Trail, Salem, OR

This sweet little trail is close to my home so it makes it an easy getaway when we are getting cabin fever indoors, which we did a lot during the never-ending winter that we had.

Location: In Salem, when you’re traveling along Kuebler Blvd from the I-5, turn right onto Croisan Scenic Road. You’ll pass Schirle Elementary school on the right hand side. Continue to the end of this road where you’ll just find a dead end of homes. Park along the road as this is where the trail begins.

Difficulty: 1/5 – just an easy, gentle slope

Kid Friendly: Yes, the kids had a great time.

Stroller / ADA Accessible: Inline single jogging strollers would do just fine here, but wheelchairs would be too wide for most of the trail.

Description: This is a short, 1/2 mile trail (1 mile out and back) through the backyards of homes, however you’d never know because it is so wooded and thick. It is a great little trail for little legs, not challenging, but has some fun things to look out for along the way.

If you’d like more information about this trail, please click here.


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