Mt. Tabor, Portland, OR

Adventure through Mt. Tabor

Difficulty: Range from 1-3

Kid friendly: Yes

Stroller/ADA Accessible: Yes with some incline in areas

Description: Mt. Tabor Park is located in Portland, Oregon.  It is nestled just outside the bustling city. It features paved walking paths as well as more rough terrain for hikers of all types. They have historic water reservoirs throughout the hike as well. When you enter the park via Lincoln St. there are spots you can pull off on the side to park if you want to start from the very bottom, which is what we did. There is an opening/sign for the Park and you enter through there (see picture 1). If you have kiddos and want to start off with a picnic or a little playtime at the park while you get things situated continue up the paved road. You will come to a fork, stay left and go through the gate (closed on Wednesdays). As you head up you will reach a larger parking lot with a visitor’s center, playground, map, and other information about Mt. Tabor. From there you can choose one of the three colored paths, which is a great idea if you don’t have a stroller. If you have a stroller some of the paths can be a little challenging so stick to the paved area. We had a stroller and stuck to the paved area for most of our hike and still got to see the beautiful surroundings along with great views of Portland. There are many paths so do not worry about choosing the “right” one. They all lead to the top and back down. Great for families with kids of all ages and skill level. Bring water and sunscreen for hot days as there are some non-shaded areas as well. We loved our adventure and can’t wait to go back and try a different path.


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