Green Pond Loop, Ogden, Utah


I could not asked for a better way to spend more morning with my kids then strolling through fields of wildflowers, Aspen trees, and small pines, all with a babbling brook winding back and forth along the trail. Green Pond Loop is a great place to bring young, developing hikers as well as seasoned teenagers.

Location: This hike is located near Snowbasin Ski Resort. Head east on I-84 towards Morgan. Take exit 92 towards Mountain Green/Huntsville. Follow the sign to Snowbasin Ski Resort. There will be a trailhead sign on the right side of the road right before you get to the actually resort. The parking lot is on the right, though the trail is on the left. Since cars can go pretty fast down that road, I would recommend parking on the shoulder on the left side (plenty of room) so you don’t have to worry about your kids crossing that road.

Difficulty: 2/5-4/5 depending how long you want to go. The trail is a loop that is 5.3 miles long which would be fun with experienced older teenagers. However, for young families, hiking 0.75 miles to the picnic area right next to the pond is more doable. The trail can get a bit muddy at the beginning and is a slight uphill. The path is wider (I could hold my son’s hand) but have a few rocks here and there that you can trip over if you are watching.

Kid Friendly: Hiking to the picnic area is great for little ones. My sister and I brought the whole crew (6, 5, 4, 3, 3 months, and the dog). My 3 year old is the slowest walking and often complains if it gets hard, but he did not even noticed that we were going uphill. The kids loved finding roly polies dragonflies, massive butterflies, smelling wildflowers, and throwing rocks in the river. Heads up, you do share the trail with bikers so we often had to step to the side to let them by.

Stroller/ADA Accessible: I would not recommend taking a stroller or wheel chair. My 6 year old nephew is physically handicapped and has to wear braces on his legs. He did great with the rocks and slight uphill.

Description: This hike is a great escape with the kids without having to drive for hours. Being just 30 minutes from Ogden, it was nice to be out in nature without having to devote a whole day. The trail meandered in and out of trees and meadows, making the trail cool and refreshing. It was nice to have a destination at the end to look forward to. The picnic area is ideal for kids because it was off the main trail a bit, giving us some privacy, and it is close to the pond where the kids threw rocks. You know it was a good hike when your kids are covered in mud, smile on their face, asking to come back again.



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