Wildwood Trails, Mt. Hood, Oregon

This area has a few fun little trails that would be perfect for little feet. We did the boardwalk trail one way and the forest trail back. Fabulous place to come for the day, enjoy the river, great picnic areas and great trails!

Location: Head east on Hwy 26 (Mt. Hood Hwy) through Gresham and towards Mt. Hood. As you’re heading towards the base of the mountain, you’ll see a sign on the right that says “Wildwood Recreation Site”. Turn right past the sign onto Main Park Rd. Follow that to the main parking area and pick your adventure from the information on the signs.

Difficulty: Most of the trails in this area are very easy. There are a couple more challenging ones but most of them are fabulous for kids.

Kid Friendly: Absolutely. The Wetlands trail (boardwalk trail) has lots of areas to view wildlife and explore.

Stroller/ADA Accessible: Yes, the Wetlands Trail is great for both of these items.

Description: This is a great place to come for a picnic, to play in the river or to explore trails and the mountain. The Wetlands trail was easy to navigate. It is very well directed with signs. We were able to see a dragonfly up close, lots of ducks and geese and many other things.

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