Henline Falls, Mehama, OR

A beautiful, amazing, hike 55 minutes North East of Salem, OR. This hike is worth the drive, and a great place to go on hot summer days!!

Location: Henline Falls is located along North Fork Rd in Mehama Oregon. Take Hwy 22 east from Salem for 23 miles. Turn left onto North Fork Rd at the flashing yellow lights. Follow this road for 16.8 miles until you see a sign that points towards Henline Falls and other trails. Take the fork to the left. The trailhead for Henline Falls is approximately 200 yards past this sign. There is a small (3 car) parking lot on the left side of the road. The trail head begins here.

Difficulty: This hike is about a 2/5. Along this trail there are some very narrow spots and steep cliffs. There is also about 200 ft elevation from trailhead to the falls.

Kid Friendly: Yes, this trail is about 1 mile long from trail head to the falls. The kids did great on this one, other than my little 3 yr old falling a couple of times because he was trying to run to keep up with his big siblings. Hold onto the little ones during the narrow areas.

Stroller/ADA Accessible: No, very rocky trail, narrow areas and some steep areas also.

Description:  The Henline Falls trail is a beautiful, old growth trail with lots of ferns, fallen trees and other fun things to see. There are two parts on this trail where it forks. On both forks, stick to the left to follow it to Henline Falls. It is a mile from the trail head to the falls and it is an amazing water fall into a crystal clear pool of water that is super fun to splash around in.
At the time we went in, the pool was about waist deep (for an adult) so keep an eye on little ones in the water. It was a great place to go on the 99 degree day that we went!!

For more hikes near Henline Falls, check out Opal Creek Trail.




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