Clay Myers Trail at Whalen Island, Cloverdale, OR

This is an amazing 1.4 mile trail along the inlet of a river leading out to the Oregon Coast. This is a tree-lined loop trail with lots of little trails leading down to the coast.

Location: Whalen Island is located approximately 1 1/2 hours north west of Salem. Take OR-22 West out of West Salem and follow that for approx 20 miles and then continue onto OR-18. Just before the Spirit Mountain Casino, turn right onto Hebo Road. Follow that for approx 10 miles and turn left onto Little Nestucca River Road. This is a gorgeous road with lots of single-lane bridges, so please be careful. Turn right onto Hwy 101. Turn left onto Resort Dr, then continue onto Sandlake Dr. Stay right to continue onto Sandlake Dr. and then turn right onto Whalen Island Dr. Park to the right area, in the Day Use Area.

Difficulty: 2/5. This trail is mostly sand, that’s what makes it difficult as you feel like you slide back a little with every step you take!!

Kid Friendly: Yes, the kids loved this hike. You can’t not like it with the coast right there. Mason loved to do “sand-angels” along the path and they all had a great time!!

Stroller / ADA Accessible: Nope. I wouldn’t take either a wheelchair or a stroller on this trail as the sand is super hard to push through.

Description: I will tell you that everything about this trail reminded me of every Christmas I camped on the beach in Australia when I was a young girl. I LOVED this hike/trail!!

Clay Myers Trail starts at the end of the camping ground between two fences. It travels along the coast but is behind a row of trees. It is a 1.4 mile trail that loops around back to the parking lot that you parked at.

We began along the trail and when we reached the point where it started to loop back, we turned off and walked along the beach back to the parking lot. Either way is totally awesome and it is a beautiful area to spend the day, or week. There is a fabulous camp ground there!!

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