Twin Falls Trail, Silver Falls State Park, Silverton, OR

Twin Falls is one of the many trails inside of Silver Falls State Park. A beautiful, partially steep, trail leading to many other trails and beautiful waterfalls!!

Location: Twin Falls Trail head is located at the far North End of Silver Falls State Park along Hwy 214. Silver Falls state park is approximately 40 minutes North East of Salem, OR.

Difficulty: 2/5 This trail is relatively easy, groomed and well maintained. The trail from the parking lot to Twin Falls can be steep, narrow and zig zags at points. This could be a little difficult for little legs, especially coming back up.

Kid-Friendly: Yes, Most trails at Silver Falls State Park are kid-friendly. Keep a hold of young toddlers hands at points as it can be steep but mostly this is a great place for kids.

Stroller/ADA Accessible: If you have a great jogging stroller, and the muscles to push it up hill, then you are good to go. I wouldn’t bring a double stroller. Wheelchairs may have difficulty on these trails, especially the hills. The paths aren’t very wide either so I would count this one out for ADA Accessibility.

Description: Twin Falls is located in the North Parking Lot near the campgrounds at Silver Falls State Park. The Trail head is nicely marked with a sign to the right of the meeting hall. The path will be smooth and relatively flat for about 1/4 mile before it starts to head downhill. At this point it can be very steep, so hold those babies hands.

After you have reached the Twin Falls, you can travel either right towards Middle North Falls or left to the Upper North Falls. Silver Falls also has a trail called the Trail of the Ten Falls. One day I would love to complete that. I absolutely love Silver Falls. There is so much for everyone between both the South and North Parking Lots.

Located to the left and behind the meeting hall at the North Parking Lot is a fun outdoor nature playground for kids that mimics the habitats of Bears, Birds and Cougars. This is such a fun place for kids of all ages to play and learn. Keep an eye out for a massive anthill and baby deer. We had a great day seeing so many awesome things!!


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