Ankeny Rail Trail, South Salem, OR

This cute little trail is just minutes away from Ankeny Wildlife Reserve and is another great hike for all ages and levels.

Location: Ankeny Rail Trail is part of the Ankeny Wildlife Reserve however, it is about a 5 minute drive away from the trail head of Ankeny Wildlife Reserve whish is located along Liberty Road, about 10 miles south of Salem, OR. Follow Liberty Road from Commercial Road and you’ll see it on your left side. There is a large sign on the corner. Continue straight onto Buena Vista Rd SE for 3 miles and turn left onto Wintel Rd SE. The Ankeny Rail Trail Trail head is located on the south side of the road approximately a mile down the road.

Difficulty: 1/5 – with a flat groomed path that leads to a boardwalk, this trail is an easy hike!!

Kid Friendly: Yes, this is a great one for kids. Relatively short hike and you can look over the rails to see frogs, tadpoles, fish and all kinds of marshy animals.

Stroller / ADA Accessible: Absolutely!! This hike is perfect for strollers and wheelchairs alike. You may need a little help going from the groomed path to the boardwalk as there is one step however, after that, you’re on your way!!

Description: This trail is approximately 3 miles out and back however, if your little kids legs get tired, it’s easy to turn around and come back whenever you want to (that’s what my boys did).

When walking this trail, make sure to look both up and down. We went in the early spring and there were lots of geese flying over head, then we also saw lots of tadpoles swimming in the muddy water. It was a great adventure for all!!

For more information regarding this hike or area, please click here.  If you’d like to check out other hikes in the area you may be interested in the Ankeny Wildlife Refuge Hike, or the Woodpecker Loop Trail.




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