Lost Lake Trail, Hood River, OR

This beautiful hike is 3.2 miles of pure enjoyment, gorgeous landscapes and a fun lake to play in!! If you come up for the hike, plan on staying for the paddle boats, camping, fishing, cabins, and much more!! A beautiful area to spend a holiday weekend!!

Location/Directions: Lost Lake “Resort” is located about and hour and a half east of Portland. Directions to this area are long and convoluted, so the best thing is to use google maps from your location to “Lost Lake Resort, Hood River”. From Salem, OR, it takes a little over 3 hours.

Difficulty: In my opinion, there are two parts to this hike. The first part of the hike is a boardwalk/groomed trail blend which is very easy to walk on, stroller and ADA accessible and approximately 1.5 miles long. The rest of the trail is not easy, a few stairs, lots of logs in the way, rocks to climb across and at some parts, you are walking on the banks of the river, shoes wet and all. So this is a nice all-terrain hike. My 4 year old had no problem with walking over all the terrain, he was just tired by about mile 2.5.

Kid Friendly: The first mile and a half of this hike is great for all ages, levels and abilities. The rest is better for a little older kids. Toddlers and younger would fair well in a backpack!

Stroller/ADA Accessible: Yes, the first mile and a half of this hike is great for strollers and wheelchairs. After a mile and half, turn back and you’ll have a great 3 mile trip. The rest of the trail is not good for strollers and wheelchairs.

Description: Starting at the boat dock (opposite the general store) facing the water, head left on the paved trail, there are small little trails going in and out of the trees that lead down to the lake, which is super fun to play in and fish from. The paved trail will lead past the bathrooms and about 1/2 mile down the trail will be a parking lot. Continue past that and shortly past the parking lot, the trail turns into boardwalk and groomed path. This trail is beautiful. Lots of great spots to stop and play in the lake, you walk past one of the cabins, lots of camping spots although the trail doesn’t intrude on those camping sites.

As you’re walking along, don’t forget to look up. The trees are magnificent and so tall. As you past the groomed path, the trail turns to logs, tree roots, rocks, and a little water. This was super fun to walk. Beautiful foliage, lots of wildlife, and great places to go fishing too!! As we walked across a small bridge, we looked in the water to find two small salamanders playing around.

We had a great time on this hike, the length was a little more than my 4 year old could handle, so we carried him and my 2 year old quite a bit but my 7 year old had a great time and walked no worries around the whole lake.

This is a gorgeous area. If you plan on coming to this hike, stay for a night in a tent, cabin or yurt. Rent a boat and paddle on the lake or take another more challenging hike up the Huckleberry Trail. Great place for a holiday weekend.

For more information on Lost Lake Resort, click here.


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