Spring Lake Trail, Lincoln City, OR

This short and sweet trail is the perfect addition to any day at the coast (I can’t say it’s a beach unless the weather is warm.) I grew up in Australia and spent 4 weeks on the beach at a time in the summer so I have been spoiled when it comes to the beach.

Location/Directions: Travelling from Salem, OR. Take Hwy 22 from Salem across the West Salem Bridge and follow that about 22 miles. You’ll continue on Hwy 18 into Lincoln City and take Hwy 101 South. Travelling through Lincoln City, you’ll head east on NE 14th St. Stay on this road for about 1/2 mile. Spring Lake Trail is on the left side of the road. There is minimal parking on the side of the road. If you’ve reached Regatta Grounds Park (on the right) you’ve gone a little too far.

Difficulty: 2/5  A few stairs, uneven trails and logs or tree roots are in the path.

Kid Friendly: Yes, all my kids had a great time running around this trail.

Stroller/ADA Accessible: Nope, the trail is bumpy, uneven and has lots of stairs, hills and a cute little bridge to cross. However, on other websites that I’ve seen, it mentions that bikes are able to use this area. On the trail we took, strollers would not have been fun but maybe there is another little trail or something that strollers would be able to use.

Description: For us, the trail we took was sticking closest to the lake and took less than 20 minutes to do, was less than a mile and even my youngest baby had a blast running around the lake. On other websites, they mention the trail being 2.5 miles long, so with this area, you can pick and choose the trail you’d like to go on.

My kids loved running up ahead with their daddy. They had a great time scaring mommy. They threw rocks in the river, and found lots of great hiding places. This cute little trail had an old wobbly bridge to walk across, and even a large tree had fallen into the lake so my husband walked on it out into the lake. I was secretly hoping he would fall in but he didn’t and I definitely wouldn’t allow my 3 yr old baby to follow daddy!!

When walking on this trail, look out for all the bird houses that have been placed there. It would have been neat to see a baby in their nest but it was a little late in the season for that.

For more information and other hikes in the Lincoln City, OR area, please click here.

If you like the look of this hike, you may also like the Heceta Head Lighthouse Trail, Hobbit Trail or my personal favorite The Drift Creek Falls Hike.

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