South Beach Trail, Discovery Park, Seattle, WA


An AMAZING hike, 3 miles total out and back with views to die for!! Starting at the Discovery Park Visitors Center and going down to the Lighthouse, so beautiful!!

Location: Located north of Seattle in Discovery Park. Approximately 3 hours 55 minutes from Salem, OR and 24 minutes north of Seattle. Here is a link to the map and information about the park.

Difficulty: 2/5. This trail is steep in some areas, sandy in others and has lots of windy steps.

Kid Friendly: Yes, kids would love this hike however, some steps are steep so you may need to help some of the smaller kiddies down the stairs!

Stroller Accessible: The South Beach Trail is not stroller accessible, however if you walk from the Discovery Park Visitors Center to the Lighthouse, you can use the road but may be void of some sidewalks.

ADA Accessible: No, this is a tricky one with the stairs.

Description: This is my first hike in Seattle and I absolutely LOVED it. I have fallen in love with this place and there will be many more hikes from this great area!!

This trail begins at the Discovery Park Visitors Center which is the first parking lot on the left as you enter into the park. On the weekends, during the summer, the parks require you to park here and take the shuttle down to the park, or you can take this trail. You can also take the trail down, and take the shuttle back or walk both ways.

I will recommend that you take a map with you. While there are signs (follow the South Beach Trail/Loop Trail) it can be quite confusing in some areas as to which way to go. Maps are available at the Visitors Center.

The views available from this hike are amazing as you can see for miles across the lakes and rivers. The boats coming and going, the birds catching their meals, the people walking along the beach, just amazing!! The best part of the whole hike is the end where you exit the trail onto the beach. During low tide, you can explore the tide pools. We saw anemones, crabs, fish, and all kinds of amazing things.

The Visitors Center is quite fun to explore, and some fun things for the kids to play with!






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