Ankeny Wildlife Refuge, South Salem, OR



A beautiful large lake, with a nice flat trail. Lots of bugs, frogs and birds to look at!!

Location: Ankeny Wildlife Refuge is located along Liberty Road, about 10 miles south of Salem, OR. Follow Liberty Road from Commercial Road and you’ll see it on your left side. There is a large sign on the corner. If you go left at the sign, about 200 yards on the right will be a look out point that is fun to enjoy the birds if you’re not up for a hike. If you travel further down Liberty Road, along the left side, about 500 yards ¬†further down the road will be a gravel parking lot with a look out house. This is where one trail begins.

Difficulty: 1/5 This is a very flat hike, it is a dirt road but flat.

Kid Friendly: Absolutely. My boys loved finding all kinds of bugs, worms and frogs along the trail. If you’re quiet, or not so quiet, you can hear the bull frogs.

Stroller Accessible: Yep, this is a great one for the jogging stroller, or a stroller with larger wheels.

Description: The Ankeny trail that begins along Liberty Road is about a mile out and a mile back if you decide to do the whole thing. My boys were tired about 3/4 of the way so we turned around. Like I mentioned earlier, we saw lots of ladybugs, caterpillars, tadpoles, and much more.

When you enter the parking lot, the trail begins past the large metal gates to the right of the pond. Once you have walked around the first pond, the path forks either to the left or right. If you look in that pond to the left, that is where we saw many tadpoles. We are looking forward to going back and seeing the frogs.

If you take the path to the left, it only goes another 1/4 mile or so. But if you take the path to the right, it will continue on around another large pond. It is a fantastic, easy walk. Great for a family day hike.

Ankeny Wildlife Refuge has a sister trail called Ankeny Rail Trail. Check it out!!

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