Soda Springs Trail, Cascadia, OR


Soda Springs is the little sister to the beautiful Soda Creek Falls, which will be my next blog post. It is a beautiful area to have a picnic, go camping or just spend the day hiking. We went just a couple of days ago and it was, of course, in the middle of winter and very cold. We are looking forward to spending a nice warm summer day here.

Location: Soda Springs is located in the Cascadia State Park in Cascadia, OR. This is about 40 miles east of Albany, OR. From Salem, take I-5 south towards Albany/Lebanon. Take exit 233 (US-20) towards Lebanon/Sweet Home. This will loop under the I-5 and come around to merge right onto US-20 E towards Lebanon/Sweet Home/State Police.

Stay on US-20 for 38.5 miles. You’ll go through a few small towns but just continue on this road. Turn left onto High Deck Rd. There will be a cute white covered bridge to travel over before you turn right onto Cascadia Dr. Follow Cascadia Dr for 1.5 miles and you’ll reach the entrance to Cascadia State Park. In the winter time you’ll park just here at the entrance, however from March through October, the road to the picnic areas and other parts of the park will be open (you’ll get there through the parking lot of the first entrance).

Difficulty: 2/5 difficulty level. There are some steep stairs and a short steep hill that may make it difficult for little legs.

Kid Friendly: Absolutely. This one was fun for my little kiddies. Going down the stairs will lead you to the edge of a very big, fast flowing river which was fun to throw rocks into, just keep an eye on your kiddies because the river was very fast.

Stroller Accessible: This path is well groomed, paved in most areas. However, there is the stairs that go down to the edge of the river that will be difficult to take a stroller. It is not part of the loop so you won’t need to go down there to continue this trail. Most strollers would work great for this trail.

Description: The entrance to the Soda Springs Trail is on the right as you enter into the State Park. There is a small sign with a large information board at the entrance.

You’ll travel down a small path that will lead you to a cute little waterfall/river and you’ll travel over a bridge to get to a small paved picnic area on the edge of the river. This would be a fun spot to enjoy a snack/lunch. Then you’ll travel up a steep hill to the main picnic area. To the right, the trail will continue. You can follow the path around the fenced areas or you can follow paths that wind in between the picnic/grassy areas. You can also follow the stairs down to the rivers edge and enjoy throwing rocks in the river. There is a sand bank there to dig into or just relax on. Like I mentioned earlier, the river is super fast flowing, especially in the spring time with the melting snow so please watch your younger babies!!

It is a beautiful area and great for little kids who don’t do well on longer hikes. However, if you have bigger/more adventurous kids or kids that fit in a hiking backpack and you’re ready for a workout, follow the large road to the sign of the Soda Creek Falls Trail and travel up the steep hill to the most beautiful waterfall. It’s one of my favorites.

For more information, please click here.

My bigger kids have taken more of an interest in my camera so I allowed them to take some family pictures 🙂


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