Soda Creek Falls, Cascadia, OR


Soda Creek Falls is the main attraction at Cascadia State Park and it’s not hard to see why. This might just be my most favorite hike and waterfall yet. There is the smaller hike there, called the Soda Springs Trail.

Location: Soda Springs is located in the Cascadia State Park in Cascadia, OR. This is about 40 miles east of Albany, OR. From Salem, take I-5 south towards Albany/Lebanon. Take exit 233 (US-20) towards Lebanon/Sweet Home. This will loop under the I-5 and come around to merge right onto US-20 E towards Lebanon/Sweet Home/State Police.

Stay on US-20 for 38.5 miles. You’ll go through a few small towns but just continue on this road. Turn left onto High Deck Rd. There will be a cute white covered bridge to travel over before you turn right onto Cascadia Dr. Follow Cascadia Dr for 1.5 miles and you’ll reach the entrance to Cascadia State Park. In the winter time you’ll park just here at the entrance, however from March through October, the road to the picnic areas and other parts of the park will be open (you’ll get there through the parking lot of the first entrance).

Difficulty: 2/5 because this one has some steep hills to climb going to the waterfall. Coming back is easy as pie!!

Kid Friendly: Yes, this is big kid friendly. My 4 year old had some troubles with tired legs during this hike going towards the waterfall. My 2 year old was in the backpack the whole time, which gave me a nice workout. My 7 year old had no problem at all.

Stroller Accessible: So, if you are taking more than one adult on this hike with you, I would say it’s ok to bring the stroller, if you are adventurous. You will be pushing it up steep hills and around a large tree trunk or two. You’ll also be lifting it over logs and up rocks, which is why I recommend more than one adult. However, I wouldn’t recommend the stroller, a backpack would be much better on this one!!

Description: The main entrance to this hike is along the road that goes between the first and second parking lots. There are two other entrances to this hike. One is about half way through the camping lots and the other is at the end of the camping lots. The trail is about .75 miles from the trail head at the road.

This is a beautiful, amazing hike. As you travel up the hill you will be following the little river flowing down from the waterfall. You may get tired hiking up the hill but it is well worth all the effort in the world to see the waterfall!! There are two bridges that you will travel over. The kid love throwing rocks into the river from the bridges. There is also a large tree stump to climb around and another to climb under and then over.

Once you reach the top of this hike you’ll see a three tier waterfall, lots of surrounding water, rocks and foliage that make this breathtaking!! If you have bigger kids, that can handle a slippery slide down into the water area, you can do that with caution.

We traveled this hike in the winter time, it was cold and there was a lot of puddles, which made lots of mud, so be aware if you travel this trail during the winter season.

For more information, please click here. The Soda Creek Falls is the big sister to the smaller Soda Springs Trail.


3 thoughts on “Soda Creek Falls, Cascadia, OR

  1. This look great! Is this a hike that mom and baby could do safely on their own? I love hiking but I’m a little paranoid to do it solo…


    1. Yes, I did this with my baby and two other kids but would have been fine doing it by myself. You’ll do great but if your nervous, it’s always fun to go hiking with a friend!!


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