Lincoln City Beach, Lincoln City, OR

It happens every winter… CABIN FEVER!!!! Without fail, it’s hit again but this year it seems to have hit a little earlier than most years.

So on Sunday, there was not a cloud in the sky. It was gorgeous looking (you know, from the living room window) so I decided, basically on my own, that we were heading to the beach after Church.

After Church, we all changed really quickly, packed a small snack for everyone and took off on our hour long journey to the “beach”. I call it the “beach” because it has everything a beach is supposed to have (in my opinion) except the warmth. That’s what you get at the Oregon Coast.

It turned out to be an amazingly, beautiful day. Light jackets were all you needed. The water was frigid cold and of course my kids wanted to take their socks and shoes off to play in the water. We always bring a spare change of clothes for this reason!!

The views were breathtaking – I’ve never seen the sky so clear!! We loved spending family time in this beautiful place!!

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