Frozen Multnomah Falls!!

It’s no secret that I HATE the cold weather. I love the snow, I think it is beautiful to look at, but I really don’t like being cold and I really don’t like not being able to go outside at the drop of a hat!!

Needless to say, my kids have had a pretty boring Christmas and New Years Break from school. Sure they played with toys and we went and did a few things inside, but I was dying to get my kids outdoors.

We decided that on New Years Day we would go up to East Portland and check out Multnomah Falls, the frozen version!! It was COLD!!!! We had layers upon layers and the wind still got through. However, once you start walking up through the trees to get to the bridge, the trees block the wind and it is really not too bad.

The path up to the bridge were clear and not slick at all. However, past the bridge, the path turned dangerous. There was a nice layer of ice covering the path, the railings and just about every surface ice could touch.

Thankfully, they had a nice little store open that was selling hot cocoa, hot tea, coffee, cookies and other nice little treats.

It was a beautiful way to spend our New Years Day.

For more information on Multnomah Falls, check out my previous blog post.




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