Too cold to Hike, Time to Craft!

Here in Oregon, I feel that we are lucky that we can enjoy relatively mild fall and winter seasons. I had forgotten what REAL cold is! I had been planning for a while to take a trip with my kids to Utah and Idaho over the Thanksgiving break. We would spend four days in Utah and four days in Idaho. I was absolutely positive that we would be able to go hiking in that time.

Growing up in Utah, you would think I would remember the bitter cold that pierces right through your coat and into your heart. But NOPE!! I did not! I didn’t even bring warm enough coats for my kids on this trip. Don’t get me wrong, I brought coats, but in Utah and Idaho you need a special kind of coat and that, my friends, I did not bring! UGH!!!!

Needless to say, there was no hiking to be done!! Which was a shame because I have been looking forward to hiking the beautiful mountains that run along the Wasatch Front.

As a young adult in my early twenties, I took the long hike up the back of Mount Timpanogos with some friends. It was an amazing, beautiful, breathtaking hike. We left at 2am and reached the peaks right around sunrise. I would like to, one day, take my children up to the top of that spectacular mountain but this trip was not it. I might have to wait until my 2 year old is a lot older!

So, instead of hiking in this cold, rainy Oregon Winter we are enjoying, I’ve been doing some crafting instead. While we visited Idaho, my 7 year old daughter was spoiled rotten by her Aunt Heather. They crafted and made countless amounts of jewelry. They also shopped and purchased more jewelry. I decided that when we got back I would make her a jewelry holder.

I went to our local Habitat for Humanity Store and found an old drawer and some matching cabinets pulls and for $4.50 I made a cute little jewelry holder as a little Christmas present.


My sweet little princess has suffered from Anxiety quite heavily in her 7 years of life so I wanted a quote for her that helped her believe in herself more which is why I picked this one! I hope she likes it!! If you have a daughter that loves jewelry, try making this. Super easy and super cute!!


The drawer plate already had a couple of holes in it which is why the knobs aren’t equally spaced, however, I love that we repurposed something. I’m all for saving trees, of course, because I love the outdoors and I love to hike!!

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