Thanksgiving #Thankful

I love the thought of Thanksgiving and everything to do with being Thankful. I also love that there is a specific time in the year dedicated to being Thankful!

I grew up in Australia and they never celebrated Thanksgiving. My Dad always joked that it was because we all came from convicts and we had nothing to be Thankful for. We enjoyed our first Thanksgiving feast after we moved to the USA when I was almost 16 years old.

Because it wasn’t something that I grew up with, I just thought of it as more of a few days off school and work. And time to eat good food. Since growing up and learning more of the American Traditions, I’ve really come to love this Holiday. So I figured it’d be time to make my very first Thanksgiving Craft and what better way to do that than by bringing the beautiful out doors in.


I collected many leaves. I modge-podged them onto a piece of cardstock the exact size of the frame I wanted to fill. This took a while to do, to allow the leaves to dry and to make sure that I had filled all the holes. What you will notice is that when the leaves are covered with modge-podge, the color darkens a little. If you don’t put the modge-podge on them though, they’ll dry out and crack so don’t miss this step.

Allow them to completely dry and then place in a frame of your choice. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the “Thankful” letters and stuck them on the clean glass. And VOILA!! You have a beautiful piece of Thanksgiving Decor that I’m tempted to leave up all year round to remind myself and my children to be Thankful!!!

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