Washington State Hikes for Kids & Families

Living in Oregon, I get to enjoy so many hikes near me. However, with 2 kids in school, it doesn’t afford me time to go out and really enjoy hikes in other states. We are planning a huge one month long hiking trip around the Pacific North West for next Summer so in the mean time, I am going to be putting together a list of hikes to do.

In order to do that, I am going to be posting lots of lists of favorite hikes to do from websites focusing on the Pacific North West and we’ll choose from that.

Today we are going to focus on Washington State. Here are some websites that leads to information regarding kid-friendly hikes in Washington.

Washington State has a great website specifically for hiking called Washington Trails Association. There is a great amount of resources for hiking in general, and also for hiking with children. They also have trip reports and other useful information. I highly recommend this website as your first stop when planning a hiking trip.

Here is a list of 10 waterfall hikes that are kid friendly in the Seattle Area.

This is a list of Washingtons’ 5 most beautiful Waterfall hikes. In my opinion, and my kids opinion, there is nothing better than finishing a hike with a great splash in the pool of a waterfall!! In the Pacific North West there is no shortage of Waterfall hikes!!

Another great website to visit is Washington State Parks. In my opinion and experience, I find that State Parks are very well maintained and include good amenities including restrooms, good parking, maps, picnic tables and more. Search this website for a state park that will suit your needs for the perfect hike!!

If you have a plan to do 100 hikes with the best waterfalls in the Pacific NorthWest, this website may be the place to turn to when planning your adventure. Personally, I would love to do all of these hikes, who’s with me???

I’m looking forward to exploring every hike that Washington State has to offer!!! If you have done any of these hikes and have any recommendations, please let me know. I can’t wait to get out there!!!

Happy Hiking!!

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