McDonald-Dunn Research Forest, Corvallis, OR


Many trails to make each hike your own.

Location: From Salem, take Hwy 22 west for 9 miles. Take Exit #16 to Monmouth / McMinnville / Hwy 99 and go south. Follow Hwy 99 south for 19 miles. Turn right onto Arboretum Road.  There is a sign saying “Peavy Arboretum”. This is 1/4 mile after Dept of Fish & Wildlife turnoff.  A half a mile down the road, turn right  onto Peavy Arboretum Road. You’ll quickly see a fork in the road. Take the left fork, and continue on. Take the next two forks on the left and you’ll come to a parking area right before an orange gate. Park here and take the trail passing through the orange gate.

Difficulty: 2/5 some steep hills but the trails are mostly well groomed, not paved but gravel.

Kid Friendly: Yes, very much so. All my babies (6,4,2) loved walking these trails and had a great time doing so.

Stroller Accessible: Absolutely. These forest trails are made up of gravel roads, smooth enough and wide enough for trucks & vehicles to drive on. There is also smaller trails throughout the forest that are also quite smooth and good enough to push a decent jogging stroller on. There is a wooden small step every so often, but not many.

Description: McDonald Dunn Research Forest is owned and operated by Oregon State University and they opened the trails to the public for their enjoyment. This research forest is made up of many trails and roads. Each trail has a different length ranging from .1 miles to 3.3 miles. You can make a trail suit your time and needs for the day. When you first arrive, I recommend getting a map at the information station and get your bearings as to where you are. From there you can go anywhere and not worry about losing your way back.

We picked a few different trails however, the best one we enjoyed was Section 36 loop. It is  a 3.3 mile loop that begins at the top of the road, past the orange gate. This trail goes past a nice pond (no swimming or fishing allowed) it also passes a cute building, a nice large set of wagon wheels and much more.

This is a very popular trail and you’ll enjoy meeting new people on each trail. Bring your dogs, they are more than welcome.

For more information, please click here.


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