Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge, Dallas, OR


A beautiful, peaceful area. Don’t forget to look up!!!

Location: From downtown Salem, take Hwy 22 across the Marion St bridge and follow it for approximately 10 miles. Take exit #16 on the right towards McMinnville/Monmouth. Turn left onto OR-99W. 2 miles up the road, turn left onto Coville Road. This road is a gravel road. You’ll see a Brown Sign on the right announcing the entrance of Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge. Parking for the area is 1/3 mile up the road on the right side.

Difficulty: 1/5 this is an easy path, with just a few hills.

Kid Friendly: Yes, this is a great trail for kids to enjoy. My 2 year old walked most of it.

Stroller Accessible: Yes, most of this path is wide and fitting for a decent jogging stroller. Parts of the path get a little skinny however, I believe that a jogging stroller would do just fine. There are about 2 steps, made out of wooden logs that are easy to roll over.

Description: This is such a peaceful, beautiful trail. There are two trails at this area. One is 1.5 miles and the other is 3.5 miles. The 1.5 mile trail is named after a man who passed away in one of the planes that were crashed into the twin towers on 9/11/01. He was an avide outdoorsman and had a love for nature since a very early age. This trail has many signs explaining his life and the things he loved and did for nature. It was an honor to walk this trail.

There is a beautiful Wildlife look out along this trail where you can see a full 360 view. We saw two beautiful Turkey Vultures who were putting on quite the show for us.

The path travels through a breathtaking forest with amazing trees and views. I think I want my next Family Pictures to be taken here. I loved it!!

This trail is closed from Oct 1 thru March 31 in order to protect winter habitats.

For more information, please click here.

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