Eola Bend, Salem, OR


A nice walk along the Willamette River!

Location: Right now, the only way to get to Eola Bend is through Minto Brown Island Park. Follow River Rd south off Owens St near downtown Salem. Turn right onto Minto Brown Island Rd. Take this road all the way to the end and park in the last parking lot (lot #3).

You’ll then need to walk/run/ride to Eola Bend. When looking at the river, follow the path to the left until it forks. Take the fork to the right and over the bridge. Follow this path till the end, where it comes to a “T” intersection. You’ll see a sign pointing to Eola Bend, which is to the right. Follow that path, it becomes a dirt trail. Follow the signs to Eola Bend which is just around the corner.

Difficulty: 1/5 Relatively smooth, flat and easy.

Kid Friendly: Most definitely. Many kids were riding their bikes or walking. Don’t recommend scooters along here.

Stroller Accessible: Absolutely. This is a great trail for jogging strollers.

Description: The hardest part about this trail is getting there. You’ll walk about a mile and a half before you are there. There are a few ways to fit this trail to your needs or wants. At a few points you can take the cut through trail and turn around. It is a really pretty trail and you may even see Turtles. We saw a snake though….. 😦

Make sure to look up. You’ll see a large predatory bird nest along the river.

Remember also, to take into consideration that you will still have the mile and a half walk back to your car. In case you have some little people with tired legs!!

For more information, please click here.

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