Niagara Park, Niagara, OR


Great hike for little legs!!

Location: Niagara Park is located approximately 40 miles east of Salem along Hwy 22. Past Packsaddle and Minto Park, Niagara is located on the right side of the road. You’ll first see a small green sign saying Niagara and shortly after that you’ll see Niagara Park. Take a right turn into the parking lot, parking is on the right along with a bathroom and picnic table.

Difficulty: 2/5 some steep hills and overgrowth.

Kid Friendly: Yes, this path is a great path for kids and adults.  It is the perfect length hike for kids, with a trail down to the river.

Stroller Accessible: While the trail itself isn’t stroller accessible, there is a road that runs along the trail and takes about a 1/4 mile before reaching stairs on the right. Go down the stairs and you’ll have an amazing view of the river!! You can take a stroller on the road, the stairs are quite narrow but aren’t long. You’ll see a picture of the stairs in the group of pictures following the description.

Description: As you enter the park, you’ll park to the right. There is a road that continues onto the left. This road loops back onto Hwy 22. It is a great road to walk along if you’d rather not take the hiking trail.

In the parking area, you’ll see a set of stairs. These stairs lead down to an amazing bricked off area with gorgeous views of the river, with the white water on one side and smooth water on the other side. This right here is a great little spot for a picnic. Please be careful to not go over the bricks as there is a rocky edge down to the water.

The Powder house trail begins to the left of the parking lot along a trail marked with a map and sign of the trail. This trail is a pretty trail with close access to the road and beautiful views of the river. There are many markers of information along the trail which is great for young learners. There are bathrooms along the trail as well as the Powder house itself.

Once the trail opens onto a large rock, the trail is over. You can climb down the rock on the right and splash around in the water. The water does get deep quickly so be sure to keep an eye on your babies (no matter what age) There is a lot of fun brush to go exploring in. Follow the trail back to the parking lot.

For more information, please click here.

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