Salmon Falls, Mehama, OR


Cute little waterfall with a fun lake to play in!

Location: Salmon Falls is also located up North Fork Rd, in Mehama, OR. Take Hwy 22 east of Salem, OR, for 23 miles. Turn left onto North Fork Rd. This road is located just before a bridge shortly after the sign pointing towards Mehama & Lyons on the right. If you’ve made it to Mill City, you’ve gone too far. Take North Fork Rd for approximately 14 miles. Salmon Falls is located on the right side of the road and there is a small parking lot as you enter into Salmon Falls.

Difficulty: 3/5 Steep hills

Kid Friendly: This is relatively kid friendly. If you have an adventurous kid, they’ll love this one. Most of the trail is level however, to get down to the falls, and lake, you’ll have to go down a steep hill. I held my 4 yr old’s hand the whole way down, 2 yr old in the backpack. My 6 yr old had a blast sliding down the hills.

Stroller Accessible: There is a path that is wide, and relatively flat. As you look at the lake, take the path that is the furthest to the left. As the path’s fork, or turn, continue taking the path to the left. This will continue for a while as an easier path to push a jogging stroller on. You won’t be able to get down to the lake with the stroller but if you’re liking a nice path with beautiful views, this one is great.

Description: Salmon Falls is a beautiful area. A great place to splash around in the lake. There are a few trails from the entrance of Salmon Falls. One trail is closed (which is the most direct trail to take). There is another path to the left of this trail that has a few different paths down to the lake. If you continue taking the left path for a couple turns and then take the path right when it’s really wide, you’ll take a short walk to the top of the falls.

If you end up on the top of the falls, you’ll see gorgeous views of the falls and the river. Continue across the rocks, to the other side and you’ll come upon a cute small pond which is fun to throw rocks into.

As you leave the lake part of the falls, and travel back up to the cars, you’ll notice that the path that was closed at the top, has no sign down the bottom. We ended up climbing up to the car taking this path and had no problem at all, however, don’t recommend it.

For more information, please click here.

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