Minto County Park, Gates, OR


Short, overgrown trail with a nice river to play in!

Location: Minto Park is located along Hwy 22, approximately 37 miles east of Salem. As you are driving up the hwy you will notice a sign welcoming you to Gates. Shortly after that sign you’ll see a brown saying saying that Minto Park is 1/4 mile ahead. You will then see a large brown sign saying Minto Park. Turn right into Minto park – it is a sharp right turn. There is a road that will take you into the park however there isn’t much parking. You’ll have to find a spot under a tree or along the road way.

Difficulty: 2/5-4/5

Kid Friendly: Parts of this trail are not kid friendly. However, if you take the trail along the bathroom, this one is kid friendly. These trails are quite overgrown, so if you have a child with sensory issues (like mine) you may have to have them wear long pants, or carry them.

Stroller Accessible: No, strollers would not work for these trails.

Description: As mentioned before, these trails are overgrown and at some points they are hard to navigate through. There is a sign with a map of the trails, all trails lead in some way to the river.

As you drive into the park, there is a picnic area to the left. At this area there is a trail that is very steep and my kids could not get down this trail. This would be a great one for older kids and adults.

At the second parking/picnic area, the trail starts at the bathrooms and is more of a gentle descent down into the forest and to the river. There are a lot of blackberry bushes to prepare to fill your bellies or buckets. You may also need to watch out for the prickly bushes.

At the third parking/picnic area, there is another trail that is more of a steep hill down into the forest and meets up with other paths.

There are a few directions these trails can take you, just remember which one you took, so you can make it home.

Once you get to the river, this is a great place for the kids to take off their shoes and play around. You may want to bring swimsuits or water shoes. Be aware that this is a fast flowing river, so plan according to your child’s swimming abilities.

This would be a great place for an afternoon picnic and splash in the water. My kids could have stayed here all afternoon!!

For more information, please click here.


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