Spongs Landing, Keizer, OR


Short and not so sweet, doesn’t have my recommendation

Location: From downtown Salem, take Liberty Rd North till it turns into River Rd N. (Just as you cross over Salem Parkway). Turn Left onto Chemawa Rd (there is a Walgreens and Safeway on the right). Turn right onto Windsor Island rd. This is a 4 way stop. Then turn left onto Naples St. The park is about a mile down the road and the gates are right in front of you as the road curves to the right. There is a small white sign.

Difficulty: 2/5 – Some logs to climb over and small steep hills.

Kid Friendly: As far as the trails go, yes it is kid friendly. However, the minute I drove up, I got a bad feeling about it. I won’t be bringing my kids here, again.

Stroller Accessible: There is a small path at the end of the parking lot that is labeled with a brown sign pointing to access to the Willamette River. That path is about 500 yards long and is stroller accessible. The other trail is not.

Description: Upon driving into the park there is a small turn around area on the left. That area has a longer trail, however, there are many dead ends on that trail. We walked past evidence of camps. There was garbage and a lot of nasty stuff on the path.

On the right side of the road leading into the park, there are two large open fields, a playground and picnic areas. At the end of the parking lot there is another picnic area with stairs leading down to the Willamette River.

When I pulled up to the park, there were 4 cars that were lined up on the other side of the park, in the shade with men laying in the front seat, windows down. I didn’t feel safe at all in this place. I would only recommend this hike if you have more than one adult and a good cell phone.

As I was returning to my car, one guy rolled down his window and asked if we were lost, or had any car troubles. We looked out of place and we were not the type of visitors that come to this place.

For more information, please click here.


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