Joryville Trail, Salem, OR


Short, sweet and full of blackberries – YUM!!

Location: Follow Liberty St south past Keubler. Turn right on Joryville Rd (approximately 2 miles past Keubler). Turn Left on Elmhurst. Joryville Park is on the left side at the end of the road.

Difficulty: 2/5

Kid Friendly: Definitely Kid friendly. My 2 year old walked the whole way out. I carried him back. The 6 & 4 year old had no problem at all.

Stroller Friendly: For the most part, yes, this is a paved trail. As you approach the entrance to Joryville, you’ll notice that you can either go right or left. The path left is relatively flat and paved. The path right is uphill all the way and is also paved. If you take the path right, at the end of the path there are small trails that are not paved and are also narrow. You can choose whether to take those or not.

Description: When you approach Joryville, you’ll see the path go either left or right. You can choose which way to go. If you turn right, there are lots of little trails that sprout off the main path. All these trails lead to the main area which is a large open hay field. As you walk to the top of the hay field, you’ll look around you and see amazing views of the country side in Salem. On the other side of the field is a large row of blackberry bushes. These are by far the best blackberries. So yummy, so don’t forget some buckets to bring some home in.

If you take the path to the left, from the entrance. You’ll notice some small bridges and a stream on the left hand side. This path is relatively flat and paved.

For more information, please click here.


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