Drift Creek Falls Trail, Lincoln City, OR


A beautiful 3 mile out and back hike in the mountains near the coast of Central Oregon.

Location: Follow Hwy 22 west of Salem, OR. It will turn into Hwy 18. Continue on Hwy 18 for 22.5 miles. Turn left on Bear Creek Rd. Follow this road for approximately 9 miles up the hill (be careful as the road is narrow and has lots of bends) You will stop at the parking Lot on the left side of the road for the trail head. The trail starts in approximately the middle of the parking lot.

Difficulty: 3/5 Lots of hills but its a relatively smooth trail

Kid Friendly: Yes, my older kids ran ahead and we played Marco Polo (They called Marco, we called Polo) If they could hear our reply then they were ok. If we didn’t hear them or they couldn’t hear our reply, they needed to come back to us. My 4 yr old held my hand the entire way and was struggling towards the end. My 2 yr old was in the backpack enjoying the ride.

Stroller Accessible: As I was walking this hike I was thinking it would be best to not bring a stroller. As I thought that, I saw a guy pushing a decent sized jogging stroller down the hill, so it isn’t completely impossible. There are 8 steps that you may need to carry the stroller up and down. There are also lots of tree roots in the path so be aware of those. I wouldn’t do a stroller but if needed, it’s possible.

Description: This is an absolutely stunning trail. It is 1.25 miles from the trail head to the suspension bridge right above the falls. Another .25 miles if you walk to the bottom of the falls. There are amazing trees. Lots of hills to climb up and down. Many hiding spots for the kids to play hide and seek along the way.

On the way to the falls, you are mostly going down hill. On the way back is when you get the real workout going uphill. The kids will sleep great on the way home!!

There are restrooms at the parking area and picnic tables, not many but a couple.

For more information, please click here.


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