Minto Brown Park, Salem, OR


Minto Brown is a popular park for all walks of life!!

Location: Minto Brown Park is located in South Salem, off River Road.

Difficulty: 1/5-3/5

Kid Friendly: This is a great place for kids to walk or ride their bikes and scooters.

Stroller Accessible: Very much so. Most of the paths here are paved and great for all kinds of strollers.

Description: Minto Brown Park is full of many trails and is an absolutely wonderful place for kids of all ages to go. You can walk, run, ride bikes, bring your dogs, play in the river, play at the park, feed ducks and more!! There are places to have BBQ’s and to go fishing. There is also an off-leash dog area for those who have a furry friend.

IMG_8120 IMG_8133 IMG_8141

My sweet boys are so good to give their momma flowers almost every time they see one. I have to limit the amount they pick but this picture below is a sample of some they picked on one such hike!!


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