Silver Falls, Silverton, OR


Silver Falls is one of my all-time favorite hiking spots.

Location: Take Hwy 22 east from Salem, OR. Follow the brown signs to exit off the hwy towards Silver Falls. Follow the rest of the signs and it will take you to the Falls. Silver Falls has a few different parking lots. They have the South Falls and the North Falls. My favorite location is the South.

Difficulty: 2/5 up to 5/5

Kid Friendly: There are many types of hikes in this National park. There is a quick little hike at the South Falls which is quite kid friendly, or you can continue on to do the 2 mile hike which is quite difficult.

Stroller Accessible: This would be a difficult hike to bring a stroller along. There are many bumps, logs in the road, narrow paths, stairs and hills that would make it nearly impossible to bring a stroller. However, near the parking lot there are smaller paths that a stroller would work well on, just not on the hike itself.

Description: Like I mentioned in the Kid section, Silver Falls has many hiking trails. There are many hills to climb up and down. But along the trails you will see a couple large waterfalls and many small little stream waterfalls. You will have the opportunity to walk under the large waterfalls, which gives off a nice spray (especially on a hot day). Along the south falls trail, if you continue on to do the longer hike, there are a few spots along the trail that will allow you to walk down to the river and play in it. My kids LOVE to throw rocks in there and build bridges out of the large logs to cross the river.

Silver Falls also has an area for swimming at the South Falls parking lot. They have lots of parks, picnic areas and grassy areas fun for little legs to run around and if your kids are like mine, they love to wrestle in the grass!! There is also a little restaurant and a gift shop.

In the North Falls area, they have a small discovery climbing area which is not known to many however, it is a fun area for the little kids to play!!

If you have a device that takes panoramic pictures, this is the perfect place to use it!!

IMG_8631 IMG_8634 IMG_8645 IMG_8649 IMG_8651 IMG_8655 IMG_8657 IMG_8658 IMG_8677 IMG_8679 IMG_8703 IMG_8705 IMG_8708 IMG_8713

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