Multnomah Falls, Oregon


This is a beautiful hike, with breathtaking views of the Columbia River and surrounding mountains.

Location: East of Portland, West of Hood River, along the I-84.

Difficulty: 3/5

Kid Friendly: My 6 year old did great, she stopped for breaks every now and then. My 3 year old held my hand all the way up but he still walked it. I carried my 2 year old on my back. So depending on whether you are able to carry one or pull one up the hill, will determine if you want to bring your kids.

Stroller Accessible: This hike is stroller accessible, however, whether you want to push a stroller up a huge hill for over a mile, is totally up to you. There isn’t much room on the path so if you decide to bring one, make it a slimmer stroller to allow others that are coming down the path to have room also. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend a stroller.

Description: This hike is about a mile up hill. There are 11 switch-backs. Well, that’s how many signs there are saying that, I believe there were more but maybe that’s just because I was tired. Towards the top, the switch-backs get smaller and closer together. But once you reach the top, it’s totally worth it. The trek down is down the same path and is a lot easier.

For more information on Multnomah Falls, please click here



This is a cute little river at the top of the falls leading down to the big waterfall.IMG_6826

IMG_6822 IMG_6815 IMG_6813 IMG_6807  IMG_6799 IMG_6784 IMG_6780 IMG_6777 IMG_6775

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