Aumsville Ponds, Aumsville, OR

Aumsville Ponds

Gorgeous lake, with a rope to swing into the lake, if you dare!!!

Location: This lake is located just of Hwy 22, east of Salem. Take the Shaw St / 1st St exit and turn left towards Aumsville. Follow that road to the end (You’ll see the awesome Hunsaker Dental just off to your right) and turn left on to Main St. Turn right onto Bishop and then right again onto Bates. Aumsville Ponds is just down the road on the left. You can’t miss it.

Difficulty: 1/5

Kid Friendly: This is a very easy hike, great for little legs. My 2 year old did almost the whole thing but I was glad I had my backpack/carrier because he got tired towards the end.

Stroller Accessible: You could make it about half way around the lake with a stroller before it became difficult. There are some stairs and very narrow paths that would make bringing a stroller hard but if you wanted to walk half way around and then turn back, you could make it work. If you decide to do that, take the path that starts with the bridge (on the right side).

Description: This hike is about 1-1.5 miles long and goes completely around the Aumsville Pond. There are bridges, and a little overlook to look out over the pond. We did find that there were a lot of overgrown paths that were difficult to push through, we would recommend wearing longer pants and sleeves to avoid the scratches. Be sure to bring a bucket to take home some blackberries, these ones are AWESOME!!! You can also fish here and like I said at the beginning, there is a long rope swing if you dare to jump into the lake.

For more information about Aumsville Ponds, please click here

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